healthy eating = healthy tummy. simple.

7 Apr

so anyone who knows me know that i am – usually- quite conscious of what i put into my tummy.

at the moment i’ve been bulking up on these bad boys below, and have to say, i’m really seeing (and feeling) the benefits:

almonds with the skin still on

green tea

green veggies-





nutty, superfood salads from m&s

humous on rice cakes

crunchy oriental stirfries

bounce balls- available at all good health shops

coconut butter- used as cooking oil-

cashew nuts and pine nuts – on top of my stirfry

flaxseed, chopped hazelnuts, linseed and bran with my porridge

healthy living words

i’ve also tried to stick to eating carbs- in so far as possible- to post-workout, thanks to the advice of the lovely guys at the edge gym in clontarf. i’ve started to take some of their supplements too to help make sure i get everything i need to keep my body healthy, strong and full of energy. you can buy them here.

give the above a try and i guarantee you’ll see a huge improvement in your overall energy- you’ll feel less sluggish, more motivated and less hungry. give it a go at least. feel good.

2 Responses to “healthy eating = healthy tummy. simple.”

  1. Ani Danelz April 7, 2013 at 18:16 #

    You’ve got a lot of yummy and healthy things on this list! A couple of things I cannot live without (that would fit on your list) are sweet potatoes, fat-free Greek yogurt, fruit (specifically apples and grapefruit), and fat-free cottage cheese.

  2. Emer April 7, 2013 at 19:00 #

    This is literally my diet!except green tea which tastes like cabbage water so i take it as a supplement instead

    Also coconut oil as a moisturiser is good!

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