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healthy eating = healthy tummy. simple.

7 Apr

so anyone who knows me know that i am – usually- quite conscious of what i put into my tummy.

at the moment i’ve been bulking up on these bad boys below, and have to say, i’m really seeing (and feeling) the benefits:

almonds with the skin still on

green tea

green veggies-





nutty, superfood salads from m&s

humous on rice cakes

crunchy oriental stirfries

bounce balls- available at all good health shops

coconut butter- used as cooking oil-

cashew nuts and pine nuts – on top of my stirfry

flaxseed, chopped hazelnuts, linseed and bran with my porridge

healthy living words

i’ve also tried to stick to eating carbs- in so far as possible- to post-workout, thanks to the advice of the lovely guys at the edge gym in clontarf. i’ve started to take some of their supplements too to help make sure i get everything i need to keep my body healthy, strong and full of energy. you can buy them here.

give the above a try and i guarantee you’ll see a huge improvement in your overall energy- you’ll feel less sluggish, more motivated and less hungry. give it a go at least. feel good.

homemade orange sugar scrub

3 Oct

an orange sugar scrub is easy to make at home and provides your skin with that much needed moisture it craves during the winter months. the scrub is hydrating and can be used to exfoliate, soften smooth and hydrate your skin.




1 cup raw sugar

Juice of ½ orange

1bTbls. Honey

1 Tbls. Oil (coconut or sweet almond)

10 drops essential oil (orange, grapefruit, lavender or a blend



Combine ingredients stirring lightly.

edible hair mask

29 Jul

this is simple, natural and actually works-

one egg yolk

half cup of honey

2 tbsp olive oil/almond oil

2 small ripe avocados

smush together and leave on for 2 hours
a simpler option is just to mix some avocado with some almond oil and leave overnight

result 🙂