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coconut & almond pancakes

10 Aug

need: *for four pancakes

2 tbsp coconut oil2 eggs
1/4 cup water (sparkling water is best)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup of almond flour
Vanilla Extract – optional but yummy!

recommended toppings:
agave syrup
almond butter



mixing bowl
measuring cup & spoon

non-stick pan

coconut shavings


heat the non-stick pan on low-med heat.

add warm coconut oil to the mixing bowl, add the eggs and whisk.

pour in the sparkling water and salt into the bowl and whisk it all together.

add vanilla extract.

add the almond flour to the wet ingredients and mix well with a fork making sure there are no lumps in the batter. add more water if the batter seems too thick and gloopy.

when your pan is warm, pour 1/4 of the mixture onto the pan. the pancakes should be about 5 inches in diameter. don’t overcook them as they can be very easily overdone.

when the edges have set and begin to turn golden brown, carefully flip the cake over using a large spatula. cook for 1-2 more minutes. remove from heat and repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remainder of the batter.

add toppings as desired- i think coconut shavings and a little dark chocolate are pretty amazing but for a healthier option try almond butter and leave out the chocolate. however, if like me, you LOVE chocolate, aim for 85% cocoa solids.

eat and enjoy 🙂