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21 Oct


finish year 1 of masters
get eyes lasered and throw away my feckin lenses for good
get my god damn drivers license
absorb my new nutrition book
sleep more – relax more –
gym/yoga or some form of workout three times a week to keep the inner beast tame
start ballet barre or pilates
try a relaxing weekend away doing nothing
use my fricken guitar
get away on more weekends to new places
get my project gym bunny on the road to awesome
visit everyone ❤️



21 Mar


1. the quality or state of being strong, in particular.

2. physical power and energy: ‘exercise can help build your strength’


vigour- power- force- might- potency

small hand in big hand


couple hugging


friends with balloons


little boy crying


baby learning to walk


woman doing yoga


old hand in young hand


ant holding a leaf


little girls doing ballet


rugby try


homeless person