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feeling naut-i-cal

14 Mar

anchor tattoo


tattoo of anchor


girls tattoos

still can’t decide on my next little ink- any suggestions?

inkspiration- tattoo or not tattoo #2

13 Jan

arm tattoo girls back of neck tattoo girls rib tattoo tattoo inspiration girls script Tattoo Inspiration under arm tattoo girls

itching to get some new inkyness- any ideas for a nice rib tattoo?

want to get some script and was thinking of ‘sol omnibus lucet’ which means t’he sun shines on us all’ in latin as i think it’s a beautiful quote 🙂

any suggestions?


2 Jun

tattoos i like that shit

i do.

tattoo or not tattoo- part deux

29 Apr

So as a follow up to my previous post- A few people have been asking if I went through with the tattoo or not..and I DID!!

Ended up getting two in the end..

I warn you all— anyone thinking of getting one done..getting your ink ON is seriously addictive stuff.. Even when i was half way through ink #1 I was already thinking ooohhh.. maybe I should get this or that next time…

So I went in and spoke to the artist, told him what it was that I wanted and he made a stencil to make sure it was in the right position, the right size and to see if it was what I REALLY wanted.






wuhuuuu!! I love them 🙂 I’ll post soon to  tell a little more about what made me go in that direction….and a few more ideas about what’s to come eeeeeeeeeep!