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make-up must-haves…buy it NOW NOW NOW!

20 May

i love these so much that i want to share it with the girlie world:

Chanel ‘Perfection Lumiere’



Smashbox ‘Artificial light’


maybe it’s totally against the chanel or smashbox mantra, but what i find works is this:

pump one splodge of artificial light onto the back of your hand, followed by a pump of the foundation and mix the two togther. i actually use my hands/fingers to apply as i feel i use less product and i bring it down just under my chin and neckline to give an extra glow over my foundation.

i also recommend to start with a nice clean face, apply your regular moisturiser, eye-cream and then wait a minute or two before applying your primer, then apply your magic mix as suggested above and boom-

a natural dewy base which lasts probably half the day- let’s be honest here, unless you cake your face in make-up it will not stay put all day, especially if, like me, you’re usually running around, inside and outside into and out of air-con, heating and frizz inducing irish weather.

give it a try and let me know how you get on- it works for my freckly but not super duper pale combination to dry/oily depending on it’s mood skin 🙂

give yourself a treat before your holidays xx

in my makeup bag *right about now

31 Mar

i am absolutely in no way faithful at all, at all, to beauty products.

i have yet to be sucked in and involve myself in any form of relationship with or commitment to a particular brand.

this is what i am currently seeing and due to my frivolous beauty junkie nature, these guys may not even be around in a few months…let’s be honest…

model makeup

but for now i am LOVING:

pure ultra soothing lip balm from good ole m&s

l’oreal true match foundation in d3-w3

l’oreal true match the touche magique in d.w-1-2

mac studio careblend pressed powder in medium (loyal)

benefit they’re real mascara in black

benefit creaseless cream shadowliner eyeshadow base in tattle tale

mac powerpoint eye pencil in bountiful brown (loyal)

rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel 002 (loyal)

mac pro longwear lip pencil kiss me quick

dior addict lipstick in 465 singuliere *great for making your teeth look whiter

estee lauder perfume sensuous nude

Face Fabric – Armani for Best Foundation 2012

11 Jan

Believe it, if like me, you have the tendency to get a little oily in certain areas an hour or two after application, it’s not down to adding another layer of powder, but a better base more suited to your skin type. Mine being combination-oily but with dry patches too grr!!

My friend Maria and I went for coffee the other day and I couldn’t help but notice her baby soft, clear skin, she always has had good skin but this was PERFECT skin, all flawless, but still dewy. FINALLY, a foundation that does what it says on the tin. Face Fabric by Georgio Armani. Long lasting, natural, and lets your skin look and feel healthy.

I sound like I’m on commission here -I’m not!- but I got this four days ago (35 euro in the airport!) and think I have finally found my signature base. I got it in #2 and my skin is typical Irish with a few freckles but not super pale either.

I apply it with clean fingertips and blend lightly wherever you need it, but just a little amount, and I wear it with Cremeblush ‘Lilicent’ by Mac on the apples of my cheeks, Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Hazel’ by Rimmel and Correcting Concealer ‘Healthy Mix’ in 52 Medium Radiance  by Bourjois.

Natural and healthy, and a nice glow 🙂 Try it and see for yourself!

in my new lovely pieces bag

27 Jun

topshop ‘bees knees’ nail varnish, small bottle of water, wallet, max factor lip tint, i-shuffle, under-eye concealer, silver casio watch, a silver ring from mexico, empty sunglasses case, eye drops and suspicious-looking gum…

travelling on a shoe string? what’s in my bag…

30 May

so i’m in a situation that means i have to kind of stick around at home with family for the foreseeable…leaving me plenty of time to ponder where i want to go to next on my travels…AND as a huge ‘to-do’ list fiend, packing, pre-packing, packing take#2 and unpacking, are all of my favourite things…so here’s some help if you’re not as weird as me. please note that this list is for trips to areas such as south america, thailand, australia etc… they do not include trips to extreme altitude/skiing, watersports with large equipment etc…although note that in countries like costa rica/ mexico and other areas known for watersports like surfing, it’s possible to rent top quality equipment on site and avoid huge travel costs and lugging around large bags.

passport– don’t be silly. at least 6 months in advance prepare all necessary visas/paperwork, especially if you are going long haul and travelling in between countries every few days/weeks. you don’t want to be stuck at a border with no food and no accommodation close-by after dark. and goes without saying, passport needs to be in date with over 6 months left on it’s validity for certain regions.

small daypack– this is a life saver, particularly on long bus journeys, perfect for carrying your water, passport, camera, snacks, toilet-roll(!), phrase book, wallet, any personal medication, book/ipod/etc… Be careful to divide up your money in different places (wallet, pocket, other pockey, day pack..)so, worse-case scenario, you have a fallback if you or your travel buddy get mugged.

mini first-aid kit-plasters/bandages, small bottle of disinfectant, mini scissors, suncream, sudocrem, bonjela, painkillers, after-sun, tweezers-these are a life saver for some reason!!- ‘traveller tummy’ tablets, bug spray/coils, malaria tablets-brand and strength varies on region- tampax for the ladies, condoms for both, talcum powder, anti-histamines, altitude sickness/motion sickness tablets. (try to divide this bag between you and your travel buddy)

clothestry not to pack too much. depending on your chosen activities, you’ll need layers/beach gear/wet gear/hiking gear etc… but if you are travelling for a full year bear in mind you might need to let go of those heavy hiking boots if you plan to stay put in oz for more than a few months..i’m 27 and female and if i was jetting off now for two months, i would bring: 2 bikinis, pareo for the sand, beach cover-up/pashmina(can double up as cover-up for visiting mosques/temples), 2 pairs shorts/skirts, long skirt, warm hoody, cardigan, about five vests/t.shirts, 2 cotton long sleeves, one or two brightly coloured pairs of earrings/necklaces to dress up for going out, trainers/comfy shoes, flip-flops for beach/day time, nicer pair of sandals for going out/evening, jeans, leggings, and undies.

flip-flops– yes i already mentioned this above, but what flip flops you choose can determine what kind of state your poor feet are in after a long day at the beach or strolling around a city.. take my advice and only buy havaianas, the originals, i’ve gotten about 6 months travelling, wearing them each day, from brazil to mexico. pay a little more and trust me, it’s more than worth it.


camera– this is an obvious one, but i think some people feel  like they should have invested a little more to capture their memories for friends and family back home. word of advice is to also pack c.d’s or dvd’s (or online storage) and copy your photos onto these and send them home as you go along, that way, even if your camera ends up in the water at your full-moon party, you still have the evidence of a great time prior to all of the waterworks. you may never see these places again in your life-time so grab that moment in time with a fabulous shot you’ll have forever.

pens/journal/phone numbers/email addresses back home- this is invaluable. remember that not everyone travels with a mobile phone or iphone etc..some people actually want to get away from it all, and try and keep in touch via email whenever they get to a cyber-cafe. your little travel book can be filled with nice messages, receipts of day trips, photos from photo booths, letters from new friends and so on. this is just wonderful to have and look back at years later, and everything from the trip comes flooding back with each page turn.



what’s in a bag?

26 May

anyone who knows me well knows i have a soft spot for bags, leather bags in particular. today, i’m attempting to override the awful irish changeable weather with a delightfully happy blue bag, a gift from my boyfriend in barcelona. it’s soft, bright blue oilcloth with a tan leather strap and  it was love at first sight.

i think that most irish girls have a similar collection of loveable junk carried with them at all times, like myself, just in case

what’s in my bag today?

battered copy of ‘come, reza, ama,’ or in english ‘eat, pray, love’, don’t know what’s wrong, it or me…but i just can’t get into it, teeny green ipod shuffle, small card wallet with about 50 quid in notes, about 10 quid in coins, travel card, umbrella, two pairs of sunglasses(!), an umbrella, ‘liz earle’ handcream, 2 x ‘to-do’ lists-both still ‘to-do’, hairclips, two hair bobbins, lipbalm, tiny sample of ‘roche posay’ factor 50 suncream, a foldaway shopping bag and a shopping list.