happy :)

28 Jun

happy 2



happy 3



happy 5


happy 6


happy 7



feeling naut-i-cal

14 Mar

anchor tattoo


tattoo of anchor


girls tattoos

still can’t decide on my next little ink- any suggestions?

inkspiration- tattoo or not tattoo #2

13 Jan

arm tattoo girls back of neck tattoo girls rib tattoo tattoo inspiration girls script Tattoo Inspiration under arm tattoo girls

itching to get some new inkyness- any ideas for a nice rib tattoo?

want to get some script and was thinking of ‘sol omnibus lucet’ which means t’he sun shines on us all’ in latin as i think it’s a beautiful quote 🙂

any suggestions?

new year new challenges

30 Dec

so it’s almost that time again- time to make a to-do list for the year ahead and give ourselves some goals and objectives for 2015…

mine are always pretty similar and to be honest, on reflection of 2014, some of mine weren’t actually completed…but for good reasons mostly!

2014 meant I STILL haven’t learned to drive, I haven’t finished my masters- well year 1 is done almost- and I didn’t get to travel much really at all!


so this year here are my little wishes/challenges/to-do’s…

– finish my masters

– qualify as an advanced sports nutritional advisor

– finally- FINALLY- learn to drive

– make gym bunny bigger and better

– release my second e-book

– get better at public speaking

– get comfortable in front of the camera

– travel more- dubrovnik, gothenburg, london, new york and rome would be awesome 🙂

– become more flexible- i’d love to be able to do handstands and fall into a crab position!

– start using my camera again

– give time to learning the guitar

– become a little better at work/life balance


anyone else started their list?



what christmas means to me by tehya

17 Dec


take the mental out of mental health

19 Oct

fancy a chat?

need a hug?

want me to come over for a cup of tea?

how about we spend the day doing something fun?

how about we deal with mental health more positively and proactively like we do our physical health?

how about we promote meditation, relaxation and positive thinking as part of our curriculum in school, before we even begin to look at spreadsheets and pie charts?

the stats are a little scary.

mental health facts


mental health wellness




mental health






20 Sep
verb: travel; 3rd person present: travels; past tense: travelled; past participle: travelled; gerund or present participle: travelling; past tense: traveled; past participle: traveled; gerund or present participle: traveling
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    “the vessel had been travelling from Libya to Ireland”
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      “he travelled the world with the army”
      travel the world
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      “accordion music travels well”
      life is an adventure
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    no plans
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    “light travels faster than sound”
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      let's go
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      “that lorry’s travelling!”
travel the world
noun: travel
running out of time
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    “my job involves a lot of travel”
    what are you waiting for

autumn – time for change

1 Sep

autumn leaves



noun: autumn; plural noun: autumns
  1. the season after summer and before winter, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.
    “the countryside is ablaze with colour in autumn”
    • Astronomy
      the period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice.

big chinky scarf






conker fight


autumn berries


29 Apr


noun: summer;
pool in summer
plural noun: summers
summer postcards
  1. 1.
    the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February.
    “this plant flowers in late summer”
    • Astronomy
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    • literary
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      summer time
verb: summer; 3rd person present: summers; past tense: summered; past participle: summered; gerund or present participle: summering
spend the summer in a particular place.
“well over 100 birds summered there in 1976”
beach balloons
hurry up xx

need more time?

5 Apr

you’re definitely not alone there…


i need more time


need time to do work, extra work, extra extra work, train, see friends, meet up with family, cook, clean, sleep, eat, not sleep, forget to go shopping, plan date night, too busy to train, meet friends tomorrow, eat again, more work, train, work again, extra work…assignment due, new course, assignment extension! agh!

time to plan a holiday…?

or time to get the head down and FOCUS…?



more time to do everything

get up earlier, but then don’t sleep or stay up later and still not sleep?

eat, sleep, rinse and repeat.

holiday time i think.

holiday time