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new year new challenges

30 Dec

so it’s almost that time again- time to make a to-do list for the year ahead and give ourselves some goals and objectives for 2015…

mine are always pretty similar and to be honest, on reflection of 2014, some of mine weren’t actually completed…but for good reasons mostly!

2014 meant I STILL haven’t learned to drive, I haven’t finished my masters- well year 1 is done almost- and I didn’t get to travel much really at all!


so this year here are my little wishes/challenges/to-do’s…

– finish my masters

– qualify as an advanced sports nutritional advisor

– finally- FINALLY- learn to drive

– make gym bunny bigger and better

– release my second e-book

– get better at public speaking

– get comfortable in front of the camera

– travel more- dubrovnik, gothenburg, london, new york and rome would be awesome 🙂

– become more flexible- i’d love to be able to do handstands and fall into a crab position!

– start using my camera again

– give time to learning the guitar

– become a little better at work/life balance


anyone else started their list?