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things that make me go bleh

10 Oct

dirty things

people who don’t clean themselves or their surroundings

rude people

being late

bad smells

velvet rubbed the wrong way


not living with a pet at the moment ūüė¶


big long- too long- nails

people who hock

shoes that get worn down on one side

harvey norman or eurocycles ads

shoes that get worn down at all


wednesday afternoon

losing a really good to-do list

silly panpipe music


people who come too close


having crutches this week


lack of sillyness in people

people who don’t love christmas

people who don’t celebrate -positively- their birthdays

people who blow smoke in your face in the morning on the way to work

people who blow smoke in your face at a bus stop

this list will continue after I step in some puddles in new shoes or my umbrella flies away in the wind.