honey ginger prawn and vegetable stir-fry

28 Oct


prawns de-veined and de-shelled

brocolli florets


baby corn

red chilli de-seeded

rice- optional


1/4 cup of honey

fresh ginger-about 2 x tsp

2-3 cloves of garlic

lime juice of one lime

honey garlic prawn stir-fry


get a jar and put all of the marinade ingredients inside and toss the prawns in and make sure they are all coated

heat some nut oil on medium heat and cook the prawns for about two minutes or until totally pink

put prawns aside and stir-fry the mixed vegetables of your choice (i used brocolli, chilli, mangetout and some baby corn)

once the veggies are all cooked to your liking, toss the prawns on top to serve hot

i like to garnish with a bit of corriander and some slivers of red chilli cos i’m fancy like that

eat and enjoy 🙂

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