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make-up must-haves…buy it NOW NOW NOW!

20 May

i love these so much that i want to share it with the girlie world:

Chanel ‘Perfection Lumiere’



Smashbox ‘Artificial light’


maybe it’s totally against the chanel or smashbox mantra, but what i find works is this:

pump one splodge of artificial light onto the back of your hand, followed by a pump of the foundation and mix the two togther. i actually use my hands/fingers to apply as i feel i use less product and i bring it down just under my chin and neckline to give an extra glow over my foundation.

i also recommend to start with a nice clean face, apply your regular moisturiser, eye-cream and then wait a minute or two before applying your primer, then apply your magic mix as suggested above and boom-

a natural dewy base which lasts probably half the day- let’s be honest here, unless you cake your face in make-up it will not stay put all day, especially if, like me, you’re usually running around, inside and outside into and out of air-con, heating and frizz inducing irish weather.

give it a try and let me know how you get on- it works for my freckly but not super duper pale combination to dry/oily depending on it’s mood skin 🙂

give yourself a treat before your holidays xx