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being little me.

29 May

too early to get up because santy might see if i sneak downstairs too soon to open everything

calling teacher ‘mum’

first proper kiss. just get it over and done with.

holding clammy hands.

bath. then bed.

lunch boxes. mini cartons of juice.

all grownups tell the truth.

soooo?? perfume. bodyshop dewberry.

friday spelling tests.

eyebrows. tweezed. plucked. too much.

teddies. everywhere.

20 is really really really really old.

free toys with cereal. but don’t eat the cereal.

99 red balloons on dad’s old record player.

peas. but only from a tin.

ballet. karate. piano. football. horse riding. gymnastics. swimming. speech and drama. irish dancing.

time goes so so slowly.

gossip. gossip. gossip.

saturday morning telly.

walk like an egyptian.

fake i’d’s

when you can’t sleep because it’s your birthday and your whole class is coming and you wiggle and wriggle and you’re too hot to sleep and the butterflies are keeping you awake and then you feel sick and then you have a toothache and then it’s your birthday and someone always falls and cries and someone eats too much and feels sick, and someone cries because they were the last one left out in dodgeball.