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Best Christmas Ads ever

16 Nov

So I’m already excited about Christmas and have decided to put together some of my favourite Christmas Advertisements to get me and anyone else sad enough to be excited about it, even more excited YAY! and maybe even cry a little…but in a good way!

Not all of the ads are totally Christmas but they were always shown around Christmas time, people coming home to see their family, travelling to see friends, giving presents and sitting beside warm fires on frosty nights, waiting for Santa to come. Take a look and enjoy the memories 🙂













but if you never try then you’ll never know… fix you

21 Oct

Babyshambles Albion

26 Jul

recipe #9 pasta with bacon and tomatoes: quick office lunch

19 Jul


2 slices of bacon

half an onion

handful of cherry tomatoes

2 tblsp good quality olive oil

teaspoon passata

75 g-100g pasta

few pieces of chopped cooked chicken breast

(good for those on a lean high protein diet)




fry the bacon in the heated oil until browned a little

add the chopped onion and cook until soft

add the halved cherry tomatoes

put on the pasta in salted boiling water with a teaspoon of olive oil

add the passata to the pan

drain pasta and add to the pan

serve with a few pieces of ripped basil

total yumfest hot or cold

the sound of a sunday morning lie-in

10 Jul

dance dance dance

29 Jun

YouTube – Lykke Li – Tonight – Live acoustic take

22 Jun

me llaman ‘calle’

30 May

saw this movie (‘princesas’)about a year ago, very worth seeing and with subtitles if your spanish isn’t too hot…

beautiful. harrowing. hard to watch. but absolutely worth it if you can get your hands on it.

‘hoy no somos putas, hoy somos princesas’


30 May

today’s mid morning ear candy

26 May