Great Ireland Run April 2013- ah go on!

27 Jan

guys, i don’t like reading post about people who run a mini-marathon every two weeks and harrass their friends into sponsoring them etc etc…

BUT. just a tiny,  i think worth-reading but.

i have just signed up to do the great ireland run, which takes place on sunday the 14th april at 1pm in phoenix park in aid of st. francis hospice in raheny. this charity is very close to my heart as they helped my family and i through my mother’s terminal illness, lung cancer for ten long months. she was diagnosed in 2010 with aggressive small cell lung cancer and passed away 10 months later in our home.

the illness caused her discomfort, pain and an emotional rollercoaster every day. this is where the hospice team came in. as her primary carer i needed a break, i needed advice and i needed a friendly ear. they treated mum with respect, made her feel as comfortable as possible and joked, laughed and made light of any serious issues so as to keep her as positive as possible for as long as possible.

this is not me trying to make anyone feel guilty, not at all. i am simply explaining why these people deserve any help they can get- as they really are a light at the end of an otherwise dark, sad and very long tunnel. i hope you just take my word for it and that you never need to meet the team, for obvious reasons. but do know that someone you care about unfortunately  will, at some stage, need their help.

you can donate here, no matter how teeny tiny. i’ll keep you posted as to my training progress with michael bodycoach and will of course post some embarrassing red faced sweaty photographs or both pre and post race :

this is for you mum xx

great ireland run

wish me luck x

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